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Widow of LVMPD Officer Swanger shares support for Fallen Detective Terry's widow

Posted at 1:02 AM, Jun 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-12 16:05:19-04

LAS VEGAS, NV — He was a creature of habit. Starting his days early arriving to the station, he would say a prayer and get ready for the day.

Officer Jason Swanger was only 42 years old when COVID-19 took his life on June 24, 2021. His widow, Christa Swanger, remembers her husband as a family man who loved to spend his time at home with her and their son.

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She’s one of many widows at the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. She says the unspoken group is one that’s horrible to be a part of, and she does not wish it on anyone.

Less than a year later after her own husband’s death, she woke up on Friday morning to the news of another fallen officer. This time, Detective Justin Terry who was driving in an unmarked police unit when a truck in front of him hit a beam that came crashing down onto his police car, killing him.

Christa says the news is terrible and brings back memories of her own tragedy a year ago on the approaching anniversary of her husband’s death.

Offering not only thoughts and prayers, Christa is just one of many widows who are part of the Injured Police Officer Fund. A foundation aimed at helping injured and fallen officers and their families.

Alongside Mindy Lloyd who’s husband was the chair of the organization who also lost his battle with COVID the year prior, the two are on a mission to help the grieving widow in her time of grief financially and emotionally.

The widows are offering a unique perspective not many know or share. They are on a mission to preserve the names of these fallen officers.