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What to know when buying a used car

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Posted at 11:03 AM, Feb 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-03 21:30:46-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Everywhere you turn, you're spending more money these days. Groceries, gas and if you've been to a used car lot, you've definitely felt the pinch. 13 Action News Anchor Tricia Kean says that makes it more important than ever, to make sure you get a good deal.


"When you put the car in reverse or drive, you hear this rattling noise," said Chris Pella. He recently purchased a 2014 Ford Taurus from CarMax. But he says he started having car trouble just two days later.

"When you have the AC on, it rattles even more," he said.

Chris says he took the Ford back and CarMax had it for a month before getting all the repairs done.

"Not even 12 hours later, the next morning after I dropped my daughter off at school, the engine light came on. The vehicle was running like crap," said Chris.

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So CarMax took the Ford back for another week, but Chris says it didn't help.

"It's still making the same noises," he said. "It's upsetting. We put money down on this vehicle for it to be reliable."


That's when Chris decided to call 13 Action News.

"What do you want them to do in terms of the car? You want to keep the car?" asked 13 Action News Anchor Tricia Kean.

"Yes," said Chris.

"And what would you like them to do?" asked Tricia.

"Just make sure the vehicle is all up to the right specs, you know," said Chris.

13 Action News reached out to CarMax. They took the Ford back for the third time and made sure it was running right.

In a statement, the company said: "Customer service is CarMax's top priority, and we worked closely with Mr. Pella to complete all of the repairs necessary to address his concerns. These repairs were covered under CarMax's Limited Warranty at no cost to Mr. Pella."

"If you're buying a used car, you need to do your homework," said Kevin Malone, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles spokesperson.

The Nevada DMV licenses businesses selling new and used vehicles. Malone says it's important to make sure a used vehicle is in good condition because there's no recourse if you buy a bad car.


"There is no lemon law in Nevada to speak of on used cars," said Malone.

Most used cars are sold as-is, meaning there's no warranty and no obligation to make any repairs once you sign on the dotted line.

"When you do sign the sales contract, that sale is final. Nevada doesn't have any cooling-off period," said Malone.

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To protect yourself it's important to check the VIN and verify the car isn't stolen or flagged as a total loss. Also, be sure to check for any safety recalls. You can do both online, absolutely free.

The DMV recommends also checking the vehicle title information, available online for a small fee. As for Chris, his car is now running as it should and he's happy to know his purchase included a limited warranty.

"You go to buy a vehicle and if it comes with a warranty, then you kind of feel a little bit better," said Chris.


Read the full statement provided by CarMax below.

Customer service is CarMax's top priority, and we worked closely with Mr. Pella to complete all of the repairs necessary to address his concerns. These repairs were covered under CarMax's Limited Warranty at no cost to Mr. Pella.

We also provided him with a loaner vehicle so he was not without transportation and communicated with him weekly to provide updates during the process. It is our understanding that Mr. Pella is happy with the completed repairs.

At CarMax, we know that cars are the second biggest purchase most people make, and we want customers to feel confident in their decision. To provide peace of mind, CarMax offers customers:

24-Hour Test Drives where customers have a full day to decide if a car is the right fit.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee where customers can return the car for any reason for a full refund if the vehicle has not been driven more than 1,500 miles.

Limited warranty that covers a vehicle's major systems for 90 days or 4,000 miles, whichever comes first.

MaxCare extended service plans available for purchase (these optional plans can be tailored to your monthly budget and provide coverage of your vehicle's major systems and hundreds of parts except for named exclusions).

Guarantee that our vehicles available for retail purchase do not have frame damage, flood damage or a salvage history.

A free Autocheck vehicle history report for every vehicle we sell.

Stress-free car buying experience with no-haggle pricing and flexible options for customers to buy and sell a car on their terms - including options to buy online or at more than CarMax's 220 stores nationwide.

Express pickup, available nationwide, or home delivery, available to most customers.

Largest nationwide inventory of used vehicles of nearly every make and model.

360-degree photos online that give customers full viewpoints of the interior and exterior of vehicles.

Free appraisal offers good for seven days - available both online and in-store - we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours.

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