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Does your car need repairs? Prepare to pay more and wait several days

Does your car need repairs? Prepare to pay more and wait several days
Posted at 6:03 AM, Jan 25, 2022

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The national car shortage continues to impact customers looking to buy something new or used. But now, it’s also trickling down into auto repair shops, making them busier than ever.

The owner of Bob's Autodynamics in Spring Valley, Robert Langeliers, says his shop is seeing a new wave of customers choosing to make expensive repairs on their cars instead of going out to buy a new one.

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“It’s been really noticeable in the past six months. People are just replacing engines, transmissions, doing $7,000 jobs. Before that would be the straw that broke the camel's back and caused them to go buy a new car. Now, they go look for cars and I’m getting a call back saying they decided to go ahead and fix what we have,” Langeliers said.

Other auto repair shops were already behind, but delays have been heightened because of labor and supply shortages.

“They might have a major issue that needs $3,000 worth of work but they can’t find a car so they’re fixing their car. They’re actually coming out money ahead because why would you overpay for a car,” Langeliers said.

If a specific car part is needed, wait times could stretch for days and in extreme cases, weeks.