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USPS worker goes above and beyond to recover lost ring

Posted at 5:35 PM, Dec 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-17 23:44:29-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Grinch couldn’t steal Christmas away from one Las Vegas valley woman. A special ring containing her husband’s ashes was once lost but now it has been found!

With a large pink stone in full view, this precious ring is full of meaning for Christine Berman.

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“It’s part of my husband. It’s not just a ring, he’s in that ring, his ashes are in that ring, so that’s part of him,” she said.

It’s a ring that helps keep the memories of her late husband, Brad Berman, alive.

He passed away three years ago after battling an illness. Berman says she was frantically searching for it on Monday afternoon when the ring never arrived at her door after ordering it.

This was despite a notice from the postal service that her package was delivered -- and was signed off for.

She told her mailman and he went to work.


“He went above and beyond to find it. Apparently, the wrong number was written on the outside of the box,” Berman said.

An incorrect written address number on the box sent the package, with her ring inside, to a separate apartment complex, where the mailman found it.

The people who live there signed for the package thinking it was theirs, but then realized what it was and gave it back to the mailman.

Berman says she’s grateful for the effort.

“I know the mailmen are stressed this time of year and I know they have a lot of packages and everything, but I just want [to] commend him,” she said.

With her husband’s ashes and memories intact, thanks to the recovery of the ring, Berman says it put the holiday season in perspective.

“This is definitely a time for miracles. And this is one of the ones that happened because I could have very well never seen this ring again,” she said.

13 Action News reached out to the mailman that went above and beyond but did not hear back from him by airtime.