UPDATE: City of Las Vegas no longer pursuing annexation of county land

UPDATE MARCH 6: The city of Las Vegas will no longer pursue annexation of pieces of Clark County land.

Last week, city of Las Vegas staff completed the review of responses to a proposal to annex several “county islands” inside city boundaries. County islands are areas of unincorporated Clark County completely surrounded by the city limits.

The proposal would have brought these parcels into the city’s jurisdiction so that the residents in these islands would be paying the same in taxes as city residents. Currently, residents in these islands pay among the lowest property taxes in the entire county, according to the city of Las Vegas. 

The results of the responses were that 77 percent of the parcel owners in these areas protested, and there was also a 78 percent protest by assessed value. Both of these numbers exceeded the state mandated figure of 50 percent in protest. 

For the annexation to move forward it would have required that less than half of the parcel owners in those two categories protested the city’s initiative. Based on the final results submitted by those property owners within the islands, the annexation process for these parcels will stop, and the city will not pursue annexing these islands at this time.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- It was a meeting that would give some Jerry Springer episodes a run for their money.

Monday's meeting about annexing approximately 800 acres of Clark County land into the City of Las Vegas featured, yelling, cursing, laughing, crying and some threats.

"If I personally hear a boo I will have the marshals remove you!" said Las Vegas Ward 6 Councilwoman Michele Fiore.

The meeting featured more than a dozen citizen speakers, a former Clark County Commissioner, and current County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly, all who opposed the annexation. 

"I'm one of the low-end folks here. I pay [in taxes] about $50 a month, but please understand $50 to you is lunch," said Linda, a county island resident. "$50 to me is a week's worth of groceries or a monthly prescription," added Linda.

The annex plan has some in an uproar over taxes, regulations, and other issues. 

"Just because we have laws on the books, does not mean they are enforced!" said Councilwoman Fiore over gasps from the audience.

Fiore was addressing concerns over animals and rules which differ between Clark County and the City of Las Vegas.

"Talking to a number of constituents that I represent in the area, a lot of them think you've made up your mind," said Clark County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly during the public comment section of the meeting.

They City of Las Vegas is planning to take public comment for the next two weeks and then decide whether to move forward with a vote.

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