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Homeowners concerned as city of Las Vegas seeks to annex county land

Posted at 2:59 PM, Feb 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-07 21:40:09-05

Homeowners are concerned as the city of Las Vegas looks to annex pieces of Clark County land.

As a result, property taxes are set to increase and homeowners say elderly residents and middle class families would be hurt by that.  On average, homeowners could see around a $341 increase per year depending on the value of their property.

The city is seeking to annex more than 800 acres of land around the county.

Homeowner Barbara Clark, who lives near Decatur and Lake Mead boulevards, says they enjoy their quality of life. 

"We like where we are," she says.   

She's helped gather signatures to oppose the plan, ahead of a city meeting on Feb. 12.

The city of Las Vegas claims people who live in the county islands are getting services they don't pay for. Clark County argues that's not entirely true since they have a reimbursement program for duplicated services which cancel out. 

The county "islands" include:

  • South of Alexander Road, north of Cheyenne Avenue, east of Rainbow Boulevard, and west of Jones Boulevard
  • North of Gowan Road, east of Jones Boulevard and southwest of Rancho Drive
  • North of Smoke Ranch Road, south of Cheyenne Avenue, east of Jones Boulevard and west of Decatur Boulevard
  • South of Cheyenne Avenue, west of Jones Boulevard, and north of Cartier Avenue 
  • South of Smoke Ranch Road, north of Vegas Drive, west of Decatur Boulevard, and east of Smith Street
  • Southwest of Vegas Drive and Michael Way
  • North of Vegas Drive, south of Coran Lane, and west of Allen Lane 
  • South of Coran Lane and west of Simmons Street, and parcels generally located northwest of Vegas and Tonopah drives
  • Southwest of Fremont Street running north of Glen Avenue 
  • North of Sahara Avenue, south of Charleston Boulevard, east of Jones Boulevard and west of Edmond Street