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Stimulus checks high on holiday wish list for many

Millions of young workers and students denied stimulus checks
Posted at 5:06 AM, Dec 24, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Stimulus checks are high on many people’s holiday wish list, but any type of boost would likely happen after the new year.

This, after President Donald Trump is pushing Congress to add more money on the stimulus checks for a total of $2,000.

For months, many families have been trying to survive during this pandemic and while the $600 approved stimulus checks are not much, they say something is better than nothing.

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Nina Di Gregorio is a classically trained violinist and business owner. Before the pandemic, she was doing well financially, but she’s been out of work for the last 10 months. She got around $200 on the first stimulus check and now, she worries if she will even get any money at all.

"Now I have two children that are small, so the first stimulus check didn't really help me at all… $600 for those of us who had successful small businesses is not really going to do too much help, and even $2000 would barely get us through a month of expenses if not even that, so I would say, the faster the better, “ shared Di Gregorio.

The delay could cause more problems, especially since she's trying to delay a foreclosure on her house.

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"I’m trying to shift and adapt as best as possible. We set up our home studio that was usually meant for recordings and live performances and selling albums and now were doing digital streams and trying to play for tips, you know whatever we can to try to scrunch and keep our business alive, “ said Di Gregorio.

Even though Di Gregorio said she’s at the end of the rope, she still considers herself fortunate, since many other families don't have a roof over their heads and are struggling to pay for food for this holiday season.

A situation that thousands of families are currently experiencing in our valley.

Rep. Dina Titus said that it would be easier to pass a bill increasing the amount of the check that it would be to have President Trump veto the whole thing and have to start over, however, it needs to be unanimously approved by Capitol Hill.

"I strongly support the $2,000 and that would be brought up on the floor tomorrow, so i hope the Republicans will stand with their president and vote for the $2000, people in Nevada need, “ expressed Titus.

A similar position comes from Congresswoman Susie Lee. In a statement she said, "The President is on board to get more direct relief to Americans, something we’ve been fighting for months. $2,000 direct payments are a no brainer. Let’s do it. But emergency unemployment benefits and other critical aid expire in a matter of days. This package is about much more than direct checks. It's about funding emergency unemployment benefits, aid for frontline workers, small business relief, rental relief, vaccine distribution, schools, childcare for essential workers, emergency food programs, and more. I fully support $2,000 direct checks to working families. But passing the comprehensive relief package needs to be our top priority."

Depending what happens tomorrow in Washington D.C, we may get a clearer picture if or when those checks and the rest of the aid will be given to Americans.

In the meantime, many families are hoping it happens before many of the first coronavirus relief benefits expire.