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Las Vegan reacts to news of a new coronavirus relief bill

Congresswoman Susie Lee also reacts
Posted at 12:07 PM, Dec 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-23 17:29:38-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — After more than six months of failed negotiations, Congress finally striking a deal to get relief to the American people.

The $900 bill pandemic relief bill will include a round of stimulus checks, extra weekly unemployment and help for small businesses.

Nevada Congresswoman Susie Lee said “if this deal didn't get cut, there would be 50 million more families that would go into property as the result of the pandemic, so it couldn’t come at a more critical time."

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For some struggling to survive, the help just isn't enough, especially when Americans are expected to get 600 dollars each, instead of the previous $1,200 of the first round of stimulus checks.

"It's not going to save me from being homeless, it's not going to save me from being without food, it's not going to save me from really much of everything. I mean, $600 is better than zero dollars obviously, but it doesn't go very far at all,” said Shannon Bishop.

The average rent in Las Vegas is around $1,100 and like many Nevadans, Bishop is trying to figure it out how to use that money in the best way since she’s not currently receiving unemployment benefits, which now will have a $300 weekly federal enhancement in benefits for 11 weeks under this bill.

“I'm trying to make sure that I have enough money to eat in Christmas, that's really, so celebrating isn't really big right now,“ shared Bishop.

Congresswoman Lee says she hopes that more could be done next year.

"This is by no means, the be-all end-all, but is certainly a good stop gap measure and hopefully will help some families who have been struggling, “expressed the congresswoman.

A House vote on the bill is scheduled for tomorrow before it heads to the Senate.

If this new bill passes, it will be the second-largest federal stimulus package after the $2 trillion CARES Act that was approved back in March.