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Scammers demand cash for family's missing dog

Posted at 10:31 PM, Dec 08, 2016
and last updated 2018-11-21 17:46:25-05
Your money or your dog.

A family’s best friend ran away. Suenny Nougueira put up fliers around their neighborhood, near U.S. 95 and Flamingo Road, looking for her lost dog, Holly. And now, scammers are trying to shake her down, demanding for cash for the pet.

Nougueira says the 11-year-old pit bull disappeared last Thursday. Someone sent Nougueira a text with what seemed like good news.
“He’s like ‘I have your dog, but I need to talk to you,’” Nougueira said.
The person on the other end demanded money, a lot of it.
“He wanted to have $800 for my dog,” Nougueira said. 
Then, Nougueira received another message demanding money as well.
“I was like it’s not fair. It’s my dog,” Nougueira said.
That person sent another message, saying “I may give ‘em back for a price or else I’m gonna’ sell.” That person gave the cross streets Flamingo Road and Mountain Vista Street.
Nougueira demanded proof. The person on the other end sent a generic picture of a pit bull. Nougueira went to police to report the scammers.
“I feel very angry,” Nougueira said.
She didn’t fall for either scam, but Nougueira’s beloved Holly is still missing.
“People use your emotions. They know you are really hurt,” Nougueira, adding she doesn’t care what happens to the people trying to get money out of her. She just wants her dog back.
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