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High Wind Warning for Las Vegas valley: Safety tips for dust storms, downed power lines

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Posted at 6:00 AM, Apr 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-11 15:47:51-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Monday’s forecast calls for strong wind across the valley with a High Wind Warning and Wind Advisory in place.

The gusty winds have the potential to cause some major damage around the Las Vegas valley. First responders are warning about the possibility of downed power lines, trees, and power outages.

We’ve seen it before; strong winds in the Vegas valley leading to trampolines flying across neighborhoods and into power lines, trees and streetlights falling, and power outages.

Tim Szymanski, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Public Information Officer, says his department responds to a lot of electrical-related calls on high wind days.

He suggests using sandbags, stakes or ties to secure any outdoor items. He also says to keep a flashlight handy and keep your phone charged in case you need to make emergency calls.

The weather conditions can also lead to dense dust blowing across the roadway, traffic light outages, or trees falling into the roadway.

“Make sure you slow down considerably, what scared me one time when I was responding to a call, a tree fell in front of me and you can’t see that until you’re on top of it. If you’re going at a good clip, you’ll hit it and you’ll have extreme damage to your vehicle,” Szymanski added.

If you get caught in a dust storm while you’re driving, the National Weather Service says to pull over, turn off your lights, set your emergency brake and take your foot off the brake pedal. Your vehicle lights could cause a driver behind you to use your car as a guide, potentially hitting you.

If you see a downed power line, NV Energy says to keep a safe distance by shuffling your feet to move at least 35 feet away from the line and anything that may be touching the line. You should call 911, then call NV Energy to report the hazard.

NV Energy says you should never drive over a downed power line. If your car does come into contact with a downed line, you should stay in your car and call for help. If you have to get out of your car, shuffle your feet on the ground with small steps until you’re at a safe distance. Be careful to not touch your car again.

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