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NLV kidnapping suspect expected to plead guilty

Posted at 11:30 AM, Mar 01, 2016

A man accused of sexual assault and kidnapping waived his preliminary hearing Tuesday morning, ahead of a possible plea.

Jimmy Carter Kim is expected to plead guilty on March 10 to 3 counts of sexual assault with a minor and an additional count of sexual assault involving an adult.  He had been facing 83 charges, including dozens of counts of sexual assault against a child under 16.  

The father of one of the underage victims says a plea deal would mean justice could be served for his daughter. If Kim takes the plea deal, he could face 35 years in prison.

"I'm very satisfied with how the district attorney handled protecting a victim," said the father.  "That's very important, and making sure that a monster like him is locked away." 

Kim is accused of kidnapping and raping a Bullhead City, Ariz., teenager and locking her in a bedroom for more than a month. He was arrested in December.

The FBI sought more victims in the case and the family of a Henderson girl said their daughter was another victim.

Kim's father, Dennis, said he saw a girl at their North Las Vegas house before the arrest but it didn't seem suspicious.