Nevada DMV warns against copycat websites

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is warning Nevadans to be on the lookout for copycat websites and third-party services that charge excessive fees. 

In many cases, customers are being charged for services that can be completed on the NDMV's official website for free.

“We’re getting an increasing number of complaints from consumers that contact us after registering or renewing their vehicles and are charged $45 or more in convenience or other related fees,” said Kevin Malone, public information officer for the NDMV in a statement. “When we search for their record, we discover that they have registered or renewed the registration of their vehicle through a third-party site or service. This means the customer is being charged fees for services that are offered fast and free through the NDMV."

NDMV does not charge convenience fees, credit card payment fees, mailing fees for license plates or registration stickers or appointment fees. While there are some nominal fees such as a $1 technology fee, or the transaction fee for the kiosk only, there are no fees for you to complete your required business with NDMV.

Nevada DMV is sharing ways to protect yourself from incurring unexpected fees.

  • Stop: Before proceeding with any transaction online, stop and verify that you are on the official DMV website. 
  • Check: Ensure you see the language, “Official Website of the State of Nevada” on the site. If you still have questions about the authenticity of the site you can call the NDMV’s Call Center toll-free at 877-368-7828.

It is estimated that 50 to 84 percent of transactions currently being completed for fees through third-party services could be completed for free through or other official DMV alternative services.

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