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Nevada Attorney General investigating Equifax breach

Posted at 10:44 PM, Sep 12, 2017

Equifax is now under investigation by Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt after a cyber attack affecting 143 million people.

Right now, millions of consumers may feel helpless after learning that one of the nation's three major credit reporting bureaus was the target of a cyber hack, compromising their personal information.

Laxalt joins a number of lawmakers and attorneys general determined to uncover the source of the breach. 

"We won't be the only state," Laxalt told 13 Action News Tuesday. "There should be a large group of states. And we will be able to pool our resources.'

Laxalt said a full investigation would determine exactly what information may have fallen into the hands of cyber criminals. 

"There is no question that there are Nevadans affected by this," he said. "Just how many we don't know yet. And what type of information has been stolen."

Hackers could have names, social security numbers, birth dates and even driver's license numbers.

Initially Equifax moved to limit legal action by consumers by posting on its website a policy that said by enrolling in free credit monitoring and identity theft protections, consumers would waive their right to sue the company. After being roundly criticized, the policy was changed.

Laxalt said an investigation determining who is at fault could result in further legal remedies for consumers. 

"In the past multi-state investigations of large companies, when we join together as a group, we are actually able to protect the consumers," he said. "And make sure a company does arrive at a settlement."

Laxalt warned consumers should be on the lookout for potential scams that could arise as a result of the breach and to be wary of emails claiming to be from Equifax and asking for personal information.

You can find more tips on protecting your information at ag.nv.gov.

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