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Neighbors on edge after alleged squatters move in near Torrey Pines, Smoke Ranch

Squatter home close to scene of unrelated murder
Posted at 10:55 PM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 12:01:37-04

Police are investigating a home near Torrey Pines and Smoke Ranch that may have been taken over by squatters.

"I'm just a no drama person," said neighbor Melvin Brown. "I don't want any drama."

Detectives say they've arrested two women who were inside the home for outstanding warrants. It's believed that a woman and possibly others are squatting.

"Police can't get in, I don't know what the deal is," said Brown.

According to law enforcement, detectives cannot enter a home without a warrant without an urgent reason. That can make it more difficult to track down and identify alleged squatters.

"It's a frightening thing not to know who they are," said one neighbor who was too afraid to be identified.

This is happening after an unrelated crime recently occurred about four blocks away.

"They shot her dead, in her own driveway," said the woman.

Police say Sheri Aoyagi was killed after running into burglars outside her home. Two suspects have been arrested in that case.

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Regardless, the incident has people in the neighborhood on high alert.

13 Action News knocked on the door of the alleged squatters but the people inside did not open the door. Neighbors say they only want peace, even if the people inside are squatting.  

We'll continue to follow this developing story.