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Las Vegas restaurants disappointed Clark County may miss reopening deadline

May not be able to open at full capacity by June 1
Las Vegas restaurants disappointed Clark County may miss reopening deadline
Las Vegas restaurants disappointed Clark County may miss reopening deadline
Las Vegas restaurants disappointed Clark County may miss reopening deadline
Posted at 7:05 PM, May 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-12 00:11:36-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Right now, restaurants are among the businesses most affected by missing the June 1 reopening deadline.

If the 60% vaccine goal is met, it would've been the first time they hosted customers at 100% capacity since the start of the pandemic.


13 Action News talked with two restaurants, an owner and a manager, who say they are sad to hear we're no longer on track to reopen fully on June 1, but they're willing to wait just a little bit longer.

At both Lotus of Siam locations in Las Vegas, manager Courtney Barnett has been looking forward to June 1, when she won't have to turn away customers or break up families based on COVID-19 capacity limits.

"It’s pretty hard to deal with, just to communicate, because we’re literally the middleman trying to relay the mandate guidelines," she explained.

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"For the most part, people are understanding. But, we do have some situations in which they’re all vaccinated, they’re all one family, and they can’t sit at one table and it’s hard to break the news that it’s not an option," said Barnett. "We have to keep them separated."

But on Tuesday she found out Clark County is unlikely to meet the vaccination requirements to fully reopen restaurants on June 1.

"It’s disappointing, but I understand," she said. "And we, obviously, are here to operate in a safe manner. That’s our priority is to contribute to the state, but also follow guidelines. We don’t want to contribute more to COVID.

Barnett says when you compare capacity, 80% vs. 100%, there's definitely a difference.

"You can feel the difference, but it’s better than 25%, better than the 30%. Any larger percentage we are grateful for," said Barnett.

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Kristen Corral wasn't happy to hear the news either.

She too can't wait to welcome back more guests at her two Tacotarian locations, and she knows others who need the extra income even more.

"We would love to get back to a point where we can seat everyone," said Corral.

"We’ve been lucky. We were able to do takeout and all of these other things, but not every restaurant and not every small business is in that situation," she said.

"A lot of people were forced into closing permanently or were losing a lot of money, or closing temporarily, and all of these things have really affected small businesses and small business owners," she added.

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Both Barnett and Corral are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated.

They say they know it's a personal decision, but it's also what’s preventing everything in Clark County from being able to fully reopen.

Both restaurants also say they are hiring.

If you're interested in applying at Tacotarian, click this link.

If you're interested in applying at Lotus of Siam, click this link.