UPDATE: Las Vegas is NOT the 4th worst city to live in

24/7 blames data processing error for ranking

JUNE 11 UPDATE: You’ll be relieved to know, Las Vegas is NOT the 4th worst city to live in.

We recently published the below article after receiving information about a troublesome new ranking. According to an 24/7 Wall St., Las Vegas was ranked as the 4th worst city to live in primarily because of a high crime rate.

We were a bit surprised but we trusted the report. We admit that was a mistake. And we know that there has been an unusually high number of homicides in the last couple of years and we certainly hear about a lot of property crime. Just check out our interactive murder map for 2018 and this recent story about a trailer with a family’s motorcycles and ATV being stolen right out of their driveway.  24/7 Wall St. provides information to many of the largest newspapers and TV stations in the nation and we’ve never had an issue with their material before.

The story we published went viral in the Las Vegas community. It’s been read and shared thousands of times. It also received hundreds of comments. Many of those comments were from victims of crimes who didn't doubt the ranking for a minute.

However, there were quite a few of you though who did not. Some of you pointed it out on social media, including Twitter user @LasVegasLocally. 

RE agent and “sometimes cartographer” Jim Donohue was also very helpful in tracking down the correct information. For that, we are grateful.

We contacted 24/7 Wall St. and explained our concerns. It took a few days, but this correction was finally added to the story and Las Vegas is no longer on the list AT ALL.

We should have checked the math ourselves. We admit that. It can be difficult when you hear (as a journalist) about so much bad news day after day not to believe the worst. We (and that means me) need to try and remember there is a lot of good in Las Vegas and everywhere else. We hope you can forgive us and be assured that we will be more skeptical in the future. 


Las Vegas has been named one of the 50 Worst Cities to Live In by 24/7 Wall St

24/7 Wall St. collected data in nine major categories for roughly 600 cities. The categories were crime, demography, economy, education, environment, health, housing, infrastructure and leisure.

Sadly, Las Vegas did not fare so well. In fact, it was named the 4th worst city to live in. 

The worst 5 cities are:

1. Detroit, Michigan
2. Flint, Michigan
3. St. Louis, Missouri
4. Las Vegas, Nevada
5. Memphis, Tennessee

Apparently, Las Vegas was ranked so low because of the amount of crime, especially violent crime. 24/7 Wall St. says that there were 2,136 violent crimes (assault, robbery, rape and murder) for every 100,000 Las Vegas residents in 2016. Property crime (larceny, burglary and motor vehicle theft) is also a big problem. There were 7,258 property crimes for every 100K residents in 2016. 


That there were only 5 other cities in the nation in 2016 that had more crimes. 24/7 Wall St. goes on to say that with lower crime rates, Las Vegas probably would not have made the worst cities list at all. 


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