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Las Vegas locals say Fright Dome is a Halloween tradition that will be missed

Posted at 10:00 PM, Aug 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-28 11:49:09-04

A longtime Halloween tradition is coming to an end. Fright Dome, the haunted experience held for more than a decade at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, won't be happening this year.

Some locals said Fright Dome was a huge part of growing up here in Las Vegas.

For 15 years Fright Dome attracted and repulsed crowds inside Circus Circus Adventuredome Theme Park.  

"I was born and raised out here," said Gayge Smith."So I've grown up going to Fright Dome. It's always been a blast!"

While it was surely responsible for a fair share of nightmares it also scared up fond memories for some Las Vegas locals. 

"It's almost like annual religion. If you're a local you know about Fright Dome. It's just something you do," Smith said. 

"As kids we would go trick or treating," said Jacob Ramirez. "And obviously when you enter the preteen phase you think it's kind of not cool anymore. Well, here in Vegas that was the thing; we would go to Fright Dome even if it was on Halloween."

Egan Productions which owns Fright Dome said Circus Circus informed them it would not be hosting the event this year. They provided a statement to 13 Action News which read in part:

While we regret this bad news, we are grateful to the people of Las Vegas for supporting Fright Dome over the past fifteen years.

I'm actually kind of shocked," Smith said. "It's like putting a great thing to rest that shouldn't be put to rest. You know it's always grown and gotten bigger and better every year."

But not everyone is sad to see it go.

"It never amused me," said Melissa Carew. "I don't know. It just wasn't special. Maybe it's just I don't like haunted houses, but it just seemed very cheap, very unappealing."

No other details have been released. 13 Action News reached out to Circus Circus for comment but so far they have not responded.