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Las Vegas library welcomes kids during the summer

Posted at 7:42 AM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 10:44:47-04

Just a few more days until school is out and for working parents this can be stressful.

A sign advertising free food has been getting a lot of attention for the Spring Valley location of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District. They're partnering with a local nonprofit to give kids free food over the summer. That's not all they're doing to make sure parents feel comfortable letting their kids come to the library while they're busy.

If your kid isn't avoiding books like the plague this summer, the library is an option.

"Sometimes they're trying to be too cool for books, but ultimately we just find ways around that," said Marco Veyna-Reyes, the youth services librarian at the Spring Valley library.

Not only does the library have free food for children, but also activities, computers, and special areas where only teens can hang out. Security watches out for them.

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"The volume level goes way up, but it's good," said Lenika Coleman, the assistant branch manager at the Spring Valley library.

Kids ten and up can be at the library alone. Some kids come in so much they know the librarians by name.

"It's a great feeling. We want them to feel welcome. We want them to enjoy the place. We want to make sure they have an environment that they know they're welcome," said Coleman.

They've got a whole list of things students can do for free starting June 1.