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Judge Tobiasson resignation frustrates family of Sydney Land

Judge says resignation decision best for her family
Judge Tobiasson
Posted at 1:07 PM, May 03, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — “Frustration and disappointment.” That’s how the family of Sydney Land says they're dealing with the resignation of Las Vegas Judge Melanie Tobiasson. The judge was about to go on trial on ethics charges, accusing her of improperly involving herself in the Land Murder investigation.

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Under fire for alleged ethics violations, Las Vegas Judge Melanie Tobiasson is resigning from the bench instead of fighting those charges. It all stems from allegedly being improperly involved in the double murder investigation of Sydney Land and neo Kauffman back in October 2016. Sydney’s mother, Connie Land is frustrated by the development.

“Her resignation is just a confirmation of her guilt and to me, that’s an acknowledgment without saying so,” she said.

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The original complaint from the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline accused Judge Tobiasson of trying to get confidential information about the double murder from detectives and threatened a person of interest in the case. In a deal struck with the commission in exchange for her resignation, Judge Tobiasson’s upcoming ethics trial would be dropped. Connie Land says she’s not surprised.

“That was her easy way of getting away from having to answer some very difficult questions that would have been asked in a hearing,” she said.

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Speaking over the phone, Judge Tobiasson says the decision was not rash and she is at peace with it. She didn’t want the ethics investigation to cloud over her family or her work as a Las Vegas judge. The judge says the ethics complaints painted her as a criminal and felt that portrayal was grossly inaccurate. Judge Tobiasson says she was committed to her job as a judge in upholding the law and fairness to all.

Judge Tobiasson says she holds no ill will towards Connie Land but isn’t planning on speaking with her in the future. Land says she has nothing to say to the judge.

Clark County commissioners will eventually appoint someone to Judge Tobiasson’s seat to serve out her term which ends in 2024.

PREVIOUS STORY: Sydney Land's family, LVMPD seek answers to 2016 double murder