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Woman forced to clean dishes in bathtub due to plumbing problems

Posted at 8:29 AM, Apr 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-30 13:33:30-04

A Las Vegas woman desperate for running water is cleaning dishes in her bathtub.

Michele Flemate says the problems started a year and a half ago when her kitchen sink sprang a leak and water came pouring out of the pipes underneath. She says she alerted her landlord's property management company.

"I am disabled, and it's really hard for me to carry that much water back-and-forth to the sink," explained Michele when asked why she washes dishes in the bathtub. 

Contact 13 reached out to Michele's property manager, who said that it's up to Michele to get a hold of the home warranty company to take care of the plumbing problem. He also said she has to pay the deductible per their rental agreement.

But Michele disagrees, saying that deal is not in her lease. 

Contact 13 also reached out to a tenant rights expert. She said that by law Nevada landlords must fix things like running water within 48 hours, regardless of any home warranty situation.She says Michele is likely within her legal right to withhold her rent until her sink is fixed.

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