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Speeders busted near Bishop Gorman High School

Posted at 4:41 PM, May 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-11 16:50:46-04

UPDATE MAY 11: After our story, Las Vegas police have stepped up enforcement near Bishop Gorman High School, issuing tickets to speeders Friday morning.

Some people living near Bishop Gorman High school in the southwest valley say speeders are turning roads into "Bishop Gorman Raceway."

Mary Lynn Weber asked Contact 13 to look into the problem adding she suspects tickets handed out by police were being pleaded down to lesser offenses by so-called "ticket fixers."

Contact 13 visited the area near South Hualapai Way and West Russell Road on Thursday.

Specific complaints centered around Mesa Park Drive, a winding 2 lane road that runs behind Bishop Gorman.

Contact 13 clocked several cars traveling well over the posted 35 mph speed limit. One vehicle was observed at 51 mph around 7:30 a.m. on Mesa Park Drive.

"He just flew through the crosswalk and she had to jump out of the way," said crossing guard Jack James.

James has helped countless kids cross Hualapai Way near Bishop Gorman for 5 years. He says close calls just come with the job, but over the years he has seen some serious speeders.

“The other day a black Charger and some student from another high school because they played softball, he flew through here and then on the way back he flew through there again going about 80 mph," explained James.

Traffic safety advocate Erin Breen says police traffic enforcement is necessary.

“People drive like there’s no consequence, because there are no consequences," said Breen.

Breen adds the proliferation of so-called "ticket fixer" lawyers in recent years has not helped traffic enforcement.

“There are offenses that they’re not allowed to appear for you, but it basically becomes a parking ticket when your lawyer appears for you," said Breen.

"A lawyer goes in [before a judge] with 100 tickets as opposed to 100 people," explained Breen.

"It allows the courts to keep their dockets clear" said Breen.

Contact 13 found several Las Vegas-based "ticket fixers" who advertise traffic citations can be reduced for as little as $25 without points on licenses, blemishes on driving records, or increased insurance rates.

Contact 13 asked Clark County Courts about the number of traffic citations pled down to a lesser offense within the last 30 days, but those statistics were not immediately available.

Contact 13 has requested Las Vegas Police to increase enforcement near the school.

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