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Sewage backup in their home forces family to use public restrooms

Posted at 3:46 PM, Nov 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-20 21:36:49-05

There is a disgusting situation inside a rental home near Pecos and Harmon.

Renter Chrystal Peirson says every time she flushes her toilet, waste water backs up into her bathtub.

"It's definitely frustrating, when you pay such a high amount in rent, and you only have one bathroom," said Peirson.

The family of 5 said the situation really went down the tubes last week when the toilet troubles appeared.

Peirson called a licensed plumber to assess the situation. Video provided to Contact 13 shows the plumber explaining the sewer line in front of the home appeared to have been improperly connected.

The plumber described the sewer water began to drip into the clean water supply.

"We were showering in drips of sewer water," said Peirson.

Peirson provided Contact 13 several text messages from the Florida-based landlords corresponding about previous toilet troubles earlier this year.

The landlords communicated if any additional troubles occurred, the tenants would be responsible.

This time, Peirson has to bring her children ages 10, 6 and 4 to a nearby public restroom, while she waits to hear back from the landlord.
"Having to run my kids to a fast food restaurant, or to Smith's or somewhere with the bathroom, it's honestly mind blowing," said Peirson.

Contact 13 attempted to track down the landlords. A man who answered the listed phone number claimed he was unable to speak English.

Text messages provided to Contact 13 from the tenants, reveal the same phone number communicating in English.

Contact 13 has learned the home is now under investigation by Clark County.

Online records do not reflect an addition built onto the single family zoned home. 

Contact 13 has learned the home has been split up into 3 separate living units.

A Clark County spokesperson says if the work was completed without a permit, there could be serious consequences including citations and the landlord may be forced to demolish the unapproved work.

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