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Seniors living in dirty conditions at Sen. Harry Reid Apartments

Posted at 5:29 PM, Nov 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 21:11:45-05

It's supposed to be a restful place for people in their golden years, but some seniors living at Harry Reid Apartments near Stewart and Maryland Parkway. say it's hardly peace and quiet.
"The roaches are getting to be more more and more and more," said tenant Reneé Banks.

Contact 13 visited Reneé  Banks' apartment and observed roaches which were belly up, among other general cleanliness issues.

"We don't have a cleaning crew to help clean up, we have one maintenance man here," said Resident Victoria Bentley.
Other tenants say security is another problem, citing security gates that do not lock and other gates that remain constantly open.

Dr. Gwendolyn Greene says she had enough after seeing her patients living in unsanitary conditions.

"Their living situation is starting to really exacerbate their symptoms," said Dr. Greene.

Contact 13 tracked down a property manager by phone.
Management said they are aware of the long list of issues at the property and they are working to improve conditions inside.

However, the manager blames some of the issues on the senior residents.

Dr. Greene does not buy that excuse.

"Senator Reid has always been a big advocate for seniors in our community, our children in the community, and I would think for him to find out that his namesake apartment building is at this level of disarray he would be greatly disappointed."

Apartment management has invited Contact 13 to revisit the complex in two weeks to ensure conditions have improved.


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