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Heavy trucks damaging road in east Las Vegas

Posted at 8:00 AM, Apr 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-12 18:18:23-04

A Las Vegas man claims his truck was damaged because of a rough road near Lake Mead and Hollywood boulevards.

Mount Hood Street, between Alto Avenue and Lake Mead Boulevard, has seen better days. The roadway is cracked and potholes have formed on the street. Steve McNames believes trucks from a nearby rock and gravel mine are to blame.

“I like to see them take a different route and not damage this road as bad," said McNames.

Contact 13 watched the stretch of road for one hour and counted 17 large trucks hauling dirt and rocks along Mount Hood Street. If those numbers hold steady, that's nearly 200 trucks passing along the same stretch of road in a 10 hour period.

McNames claims a pothole in the road caused substantial suspension damage to his vehicle.

“I’ve had to replace the struts at a pretty high cost," added McNames.

A Clark County spokesperson told Contact 13 that plans are already in the works to address the road troubles. They say crews will be visiting the roadway by the end of the week to address any potholes and later this year a new "haul road" is expected to relieve the truck traffic on Mount Hood Street.

Mount Hood Street will be repaved once that road is built. 

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