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Mobile home park: Homeless camp wreaks havoc on residents

Posted at 4:27 PM, Nov 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-10 07:27:11-05

There is a quiet, 55 and older community, nestled near Sahara and Lamb, that's been there since the 70s.

Over the years, the area has grown older, and now some residents say, an unpleasant element has moved in nearby. 

"They were all camped out. There were two camps over on the other side by the freeway," said Richard Newcomb, pointing over a cinder block wall near his home.

Newcomb, and about 300 others, call Sand Creek Mobile Home park, home. Newcomb says his neighbors have been dealing with homeless havoc.

"They had run an extension cord, or several extension cords to where those two trees are, across this aisle, over to my neighbor's house," said Newcomb.

Newcomb says thefts and break-ins have been reported.

Park staff reports rocks have been thrown at security in the past.

"When they're using people's water, they are using people's power, whatever it may be. We are constantly having to battle," said Valerie Traina, an employee at Sand Creek Mobile Home Community.

When Contact 13 visited the area, Thursday, there were signs of homelessness, but the camp was gone.

Management says that is part of the on-going issue. It's been hard to track down the transients.

"They'll be back. You know they will be back.," said Newcomb.

Newcomb points to a fence which huge gaps just behind the mobile home park, and along US 95, as one of the reasons for the homeless troubles.

Contact 13 reached out to the Nevada Department of Transportation regarding the fence. A spokesperson said crews will be dispatched as soon as possible to replace the fencing, adding NDOT spends millions of dollars each year on fencing damaged by homeless individuals.

A Clark County spokesperson says their crisis intervention team will work with the mobile home community to address the homeless issues in the area.

If you have any homeless concerns, you can visit here.

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