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LAWSUIT: Semi-aroused man assaulted co-worker at Henderson pizza restaurant

Posted at 10:34 PM, Nov 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 08:44:51-04

A Henderson woman claims she was the victim of unwanted sexual attention from a co-worker and it lead to an alleged backroom sexual assault.

Kayla Haun, 25, started working at the Little Caesars location at Lake Mead Parkway and Boulder Highway in June of this year.

"Usually, it was the front counter, washing dishes, preparing dough," said Haun.

As the summer wore on, Haun says a new co-worker seemed to take a personal interest in her.

"When he started talking to me, it was really straightforward questions," said Haun about her co-worker.

"About my family, do I have a boyfriend, do I need a tutor -- all these kinds of questions that were not appropriate for the workplace," added Haun.

Haun claims the co-worker, identified in a Henderson Police report as Andrew Parsons, made unwanted advances toward her.

Haun claims in the report that Parsons approached her from behind as she was putting dishes away in a backroom and rubbed his penis against her buttocks in an obvious state of semi-arousal.

"Honestly, I was offended and did not know really how to respond," said Haun.

"Why would you do that to somebody you barely know?" added Haun.

Haun says she went to her stepfather Kenneth Vaughn about the incident first.

"I can't even describe the words, it just makes you really really frustrated," said Vaughn.

Vaughn told Haun to report the incident to her manager and she did so shortly after.

Haun claims Parsons was suspended 1 day and returned to work.

Haun filed a Henderson Police report on Sept. 28 for allegations of sexual assault and open/gross lewdness.

Officers investigated surveillance video from the dishroom and found the camera angle was blocked by several items but "it did not show any inappropriate touching or rubbing."

In a written statement, Parsons denied all allegations and told officers he thought Haun was lying.

Henderson police concluded there was no evidence to support Haun's claims and administratively closed the case but copied the report to another unit for review.

Haun says she was the subject of harassment following the police investigation and eventually quit.

"If big companies like Little Caesars are going to be this concerned about making money off consumers and not providing a safe work environment for innocent females like Kayla, that's an issue," said Attorney Peter Isso.

Isso says more should have been done to protect Haun, pointing to Parsons' extensive criminal history.

According to public records, past charges include:


  • Battery (2/13/15)
  • Trespass (2/13/15)
  • Contributing to delinquency or neglect of a minor (2/13/15)
  • Destroy or injury of real estate or personal property of another (7/24/15)
  • Domestic battery (7/20/17)
  • False statement to or obstructing a public officer (8-19-17)
  • Resisting public officer (8-21-17)


  • Statutory sexual seduction by a person under age 21 (12/10/14)

The lawsuit names Parsons, the owner of the franchise and Little Caesars as a joint venture for assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and other tortious actions. 

It demands a jury trial.

13 Action News contacted Little Caesars after business hours Friday.

 The owner of the franchise Osama Barakat was reached but he had no official comment.

13 Action News attempted to contact Parsons by phone, social media and visited the store location but attempts for comment were not successful.


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