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Las Vegas woman endures 'construction insanity' after series of utility repairs

Posted at 4:39 PM, Mar 08, 2018

A Las Vegas woman says she has been enduring early morning utility repair work for months and she is fed up.

Faith Lozano says the problem started last year when her gas meter was replaced. Lozano says crews dug up the old meter and the work took approximately 2 weeks.

Soon after, more crews dug large trenches in her yard and performed unknown repairs, according to Lozano.

Shortly after the installation of the gas meter Lozano says there was a problem with her power.

"The power was surging in my home," said Lozano. "The lights would get dim and then they would get extremely bright so we got a hold of the power company and they came out and put a new line in," explained Lozano.

The work meant her driveway needed to be torn up for the installation. Huge trenches were dug in her yard along with heavy machinery for the installation. Lozano said the work appeared unending as crews seemed to perform the same work each time.

In total, Lozano says crews visited her home 7 times since August 2017 and were in front of her home as recently as Wednesday morning.

"I heard jackhammers at 7:19 a.m.," said Lozano.

NV Energy confirms crews were in front of Lozano's residence to repair the 'collar' around a manhole.

The spokesperson for NV Energy says their underground power line was damaged by another utility company. As of Thursday, all of the work was complete.

Lozano says her power is still flickering and NV Energy will send out a worker to check the voltage at her home.

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