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Homeless camp on pedestrian bridge worries some near middle school

Posted at 4:29 PM, Nov 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 21:31:45-05

There is a battle brewing between homeowners and the homeless near Sahara and Lamb Boulevard.

Contact 13 first reported the issues last week, in what some are calling a serious homeless problem.

Linda Camerlengo has lived in the Sand Creek Mobile Home Community for more than 15 years. She said in recent weeks, the homeless issues have increased.
"We are worried, it's scary," said Camerlengo.

Just yards away from her mobile home, Camerlengo can see the newest eyesore. A makeshift tent which is perched on the Flamingo Wash pedestrian bridge that spans Lamb Blvd. She says at least 5 different individuals come and go from the tent on a regular basis.
"They bathe up there, they eat there, they sleep there, they annoy the children who use the walkway bridge," added Camerlengo.

Camerlengo and employees at the mobile home community fear for the students who use the bridge to get across Lamb Blvd. to Jerome Mack Middle School each day.

"I have seen [the students] confront the homeless people about getting by, and then running away because the homeless people got in their face," adds Camerlengo.

Contact 13 visited the bridge and found clearly marked "no trespassing" signs but it does not stop some from setting up camp on top and below the bridge.
A Clark County spokesperson said their homeless crisis intervention team will be notified of the issues.

On Tuesday, Clark County held an event to help connect homeless individuals with resources including job training and mental health treatment.

Contact 13 can confirm action is being taken in the area to secure a broken fence behind the mobile home park.

The Nevada Department of Transportation has replaced a segment of fence that was missing along the US 95 and the park, which will help secure the area from trespassing.

Clark County has made significant progress to help the homeless, and has reported an overall drop in the number of homeless in Southern Nevada since 2014.

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