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Gated community deals with ongoing dirty secret

Posted at 7:03 PM, Dec 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-05 07:36:35-05

There was a dirty secret inside a gated community in the northwest part of they valley.

Neighbors and the Homeowners Association say trash heaps of all shapes and sizes were a continuous problem for months in front of a rental home.

"It was a huge problem when the wind blew, everyone got a taste of it," said Mike Stanford, one of many neighbors concerned about the trash.

On windy days, pizza boxes and disgusting dirty diapers would blow into yards, according to those who live nearby.

Some neighbors reported recent changes to the trash rules as one of the reasons for the eyesore.

The trash service company required items to be placed in the provided bin, and no longer accepted items placed on the street.

Some neighbors say that resulted in piles of discarded trash.

"The property management company, and the HOA just kind of let it slide," said Stanford.

Contact 13 dug into the mess and uncovered the home in question was a rental owned by a company with a listed Scottsdale, Arizona, address.

Multiple attempts to reach the company were not returned.

Contact 13 passed along the information to the property management company for the homeowners association.

A spokesperson took immediate action and within 24 hours the mess was removed.

"It's picked up off the street and it looks 100 times better," added Stanford.

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