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Flood of frustration after water service stopped 6 times in 4 months

Posted at 4:01 PM, Dec 21, 2017

Tienesha Grizzard has only lived at The Cottages for a short time and already she is flooded with frustration about her water service.

"The water has been off at least three or four times in the last time it was off for approximately nine hours," said Grizzard.

The Las Vegas Valley Water District provided Contact 13 a log of water service disruptions going back to August.

  • August 1
  • August 25
  • September 6
  • October 30
  • November 29
  • December 6

Tenants report the water service was shut off for several hours at a time.

"People were inconvenienced. When you get off of work you don't wanna come home and there's no water. You have kids, you have to cook, you have to use the bathroom and take showers," added Grizzard.

Some tenants complained there has been a lack of notice when the water is shut off.

One notice warned water would be shut off for an extended period of time and suggested tenants fill pots of water for the emergency repairs.

"I talked to a couple of neighbors and they said they just stocked up on water because they know it's going to be off again, and you shouldn't have to do that," added Grizzard.

Contact 13 reached out to the property management company. A spokesperson provided a detailed explanation:

As The Cottages were built in 1985 they do not have individual water shut off valves for each building.  Therefore whenever there is a water valve leak the only solution to fix the leak is to temporarily turn off water for all of the property.  Leak repairs take approximately four to eight hours and involve waiting for the Las Vegas Valley Water District to turn on and off the water.  Whenever a leak is discovered or reported Stout calls the Las Vegas Valley Water District within the hour and works on repairing the leak as soon as possible.  We understand this is a great inconvenience to our residents and try our best to accommodate any specific needs they have during these shut off times.

Since Stout Management Company took over management of The Cottages we have added approximately eight new water valves in each area that a new leak is discovered.  Also Stout currently is in the process of adding individual water valves for every building at the community.  There is currently a bid out for this large and important project.

Please note Stout strives to continually make significant improvements at The Cottages since it took over management.  For example we have replaced all roofing, repaired all previously broken air condition units, added lighting throughout the property, and decreased resident maintenance work order volume from approximately 80 work orders to an average of 10-15 work orders per week.  There is still a lot of work to be done but we are continually working to improve satisfaction of our residents.

All of our residents across the Valley are very important to us and we want to ensure their satisfaction at all times.  We hope this clears up any questions regarding this resident concern.

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