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Exposed in Primm: Woman claims unknown man walked into hotel room while she was naked

Posted at 11:58 PM, Jun 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-25 15:22:26-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A California woman is demanding an apology and accountability after she says a stranger walked into a hotel room at Buffalo Bill's while she was naked.

Rebecca Johnson was on her way from Colorado to her home in California when she stopped for the night in Primm.

"I put everything down and I thought, oh I'm gross, I'm going to take a shower," says Johnson.

Moments later, Johnson said she discovered the water coming out of the shower faucet was very hot, no matter what direction she attempted to turn the shower knob.

Johnson said she called the front desk to complain and staff explained to her they would send maintenance up when someone was available.

To pass the time, Johnson said she went down to the casino to play video poker.

After several hours, Johnson said she returned to the room but was too tired to take a shower.

She fell asleep and woke up the next morning to take a shower but discovered repairs had not been made.

"I got burned twice and they didn't fix it so I said, just give me another room," explains Johnson.

Johnson was given the hotel room next door.

After the shower, she decided to dye her hair.

"I'm sitting there on the bed, naked, black hair dye, in a towel, and I hear someone open the door," says Johnson.

That someone, Johnson says, was another guest who saw her totally exposed.

He was given a key to the room Rebecca was in and she was furious.

She called the front desk and gave management an earful.

"I can't believe you gave my room key to some stranger, who you don't even know who it is," says Johnson.

"It could've been a murderer, a rapist, you knows," she adds.

Johnson said she was given a breakfast credit but she says that was not enough of a concession for the intrusion.

She wants accountability.

"You would think that in any hotel, anywhere you stay, whether it's a casino in Las Vegas, or a Holiday Inn down the street, that you would be safe," says Johnson.

It remains unclear what happened, or how the key mix up left Rebecca exposed.

A Primm Valley Casino Resort spokesperson said the company has no comment about the situation.

Hotel security expert Adam Coughran said incident may have occurred when the hotel room switch was not reflected in the property management system and Rebecca's transferred room was given to another guest for check-in.

"For a lack of a better term, human error," says Coughran.

"You have multiple key cards to the same room and you have unfortunately somebody walking in on another guest, this time it just happened to be in a rather compromising situation," says Coughran.

The hotel offered Johnson a refund and a $1,000 payment for the incident.

Johnson said she wants an apology, changes to policies and procedures to ensure a similar situation does not happen again.

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