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UPDATE: East Las Vegas woman on crusade against commercial development

Posted at 1:41 PM, Feb 06, 2018


The Clark County Commission has approved changes to the Land Use Plan for Sunrise Manor, which includes the designation for land use near Charleston Boulevard and Fogg.

County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani spoke about the proposed changes during the debate on the agenda item, even accusing opponents of underhanded techniques to sabotage the efforts.

"They used fear mongering in order to be able to get support or opposition," said Commissioner Giunchigliani. "That is no way to govern," she added.

Opponents to the commercial development say the unanimous vote to change the Land Use Plan in Sunrise Manor was a slap in the face.

"She was actually quite cold regarding our viewpoints," said L.K. Wagner. "This is America! She actually put us down and said we were using fear mongering and scare tactics," said Wagner.

Wagner has been heading up a door-to-door campaign against making changes to the Land Use Plan. Wagner claims changing residential land designations to commercial use will usher in crime and other unpleasant elements.

Wednesday's decision is a major victory for the landowner and supporters who would like to see a family restaurant built on the dirt lot.

"I'm always talking about the East side. I'm always walking about positive changes to the East side, so this is definitely something we need," said resident Sergio Molinar.

Clark County leaders say this is just the first step in a very long process and any commercial building projects will first have to go through rezoning.


On clear day, you can see a breathtaking view of the Strip and even Mount Charleston off in the distance.

Life near Charleston and Hollywood boulevards is at a slower pace in the shadows of Sin City.

"My mother found me this home 21 years ago," said L.K. Wagner, a longtime Sunrise Manor resident.

"It's residential and it's quiet," she added.

Wagner says her slice of heaven needs to stay that way, but she says possible changes are on the horizon.

"When you come up to this area get you pass Charleston and you pass Nellis, Lamb, Sloan, all those little businesses and it attracts a lot of crime and the element is sketchy," said Wagner.

Plots of land along Charleston near Hollywood are up for consideration for something other than homes.

A Clark County spokesperson says commissioners are considering a change to the Land Use Plan, which could pave the way for future commercial development.

Contact 13 spoke with the current landowner of a lot near Charleston and Fogg.

Robin Camacho says she's been trying to build a family restaurant for more than two years on the lot.

Camacho adds the vast majority of those living nearby are in favor, or do not oppose the land use change from residential to commercial.

A county spokesperson says possible a land use plan change does not re-zone land and any future zoning would go through the appropriate approval processes.

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