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Dozens of star tributes mysteriously vanish on Las Vegas Strip

Dozens of Las Vegas star tributes go missing
Dozens of Las Vegas star tributes go missing
Dozens of Las Vegas star tributes go missing
Dozens of Las Vegas star tributes go missing
Posted at 7:17 PM, Mar 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-05 21:34:51-05

Thousands walk over them and past them every single day.

The Las Vegas Walk of Stars has tributes embedded into the famous Las Vegas Strip sidewalk for some of the biggest celebrities the world has ever seen.

"We are going to be losing Liberace, we're going to be losing Elvis Presley, we're going to be losing Frank Sinatra," said female impersonator and star of Frank Marino's Divas Las Vegas, Frank Marino.

"I'm also speaking for all the other people who really can't fight for themselves," added Marino in an exclusive interview with Contact 13.

Marino says he recently discovered one of this two stars vanished.

"The other day I was going down the street, and I was all excited to show off my star to a friend of mine, and I looked down, and it was missing," said Marino.

Contact 13 has learned 49 of the 82 stars worth $245,000 were taken out for bollard installation along Las Vegas Boulevard.

The project is meant to help prevent attacks like the 2015 sidewalk ramming incident in front of the Paris Hotel and Casino that killed one person and injured dozens more.

"Unfortunately, like every city in the world, Vegas is constantly evolving and changing, and we have to go with the incidents that are going around, and sometimes those incidents are not wonderful incidents," said Marino.

Contact 13 confirms Clark County officials contacted the Las Vegas Walk of Fame to move the tributes to make way for the steel post installations.

Bob Alexander, president of the Las Vegas Walk of Fame, confirms his non-profit organization was asked to move the tributes but said it was not possible.

Alexander says each tribute costs $5,000 for design, construction, installation, and leveling. Once installed, stars usually do not survive a transplant. The tributes are made of Indian Red Granite and almost always fall apart if moved.

"I really treasure both my stars, the one that's still up [in front of the LINQ Hotel] and the one that's missing [in front of the Paris Hotel and Casino,] said Marino.

Marino would like to see future stars placed within the LINQ promenade to mimic the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Here's a list of the impacted stars provided by the Las Vegas Walk of Stars:

1. Wayne Newton
2. Frank Marino
3. Liberace 
4. Rich Little
5. Dick Jensen
6. John Stuart
7. Richard MacDonald
8. Wayne Allyn Root
9. Sammy Davis Jr.
10. K-Paz De La Sierra
11. Tony Sacca
12. Conjonto Primavera
13. Elvis Presley
14. Dick Feeney
15. Donny Lee Moore
16. Alex Lora
17. Jose Jose
18. Pepe Garza
19. Mary and The Maori High Five
20. Marie Little
21. Juan Carlos Hidalgo
22. Promotores Unidos USA
23. Fernando Vargas
24. Gualberto Castro
25. Kevin Liang
26. Pedro Haces Barb
27. Vassili Sulich
28. Los Dos Nuevo Leon De Raul Perez
29. Harry Mohney
30. Larry Lee
31. Regulo Caro
32. Los Cadetes De Linares
33. Servando Cano
34. Los Temerarios
35. Gerardo Ortiz
36. Los Huracanes Del Norte
37. Los Rieleros Del Norte
38. Abel Quinonez
39. Eugene Mosley
40. Ana Barbara
41. Johnny Canales
42. La Maquinaria Nortena
43. Erazno y LA Chokolata 
44. Marco A.Flores y La Numero Uno Banda Jerez 
45. Los Cachorro de Juan Villarreal
46. LA Original Banda EL Limon DE Salvador Lizarraga 
47. LA Unica Internacional Sonora
48. Santanera Arturo Ortiz Arias 
49. Antonio Mendez Hernandez

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