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Hartland Mansion neighbors outraged after demolition

Posted at 7:19 PM, Jul 12, 2022

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A significant building where legends like Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and Ginger Rogers, once partied, has now been demolished. The Hartland Mansion, built in the 1940s, in Downtown Las Vegas was bought by a new owner before being destroyed by a wrecking ball.

It is something difficult for Garry Hart, the former owner of the mansion, to witness.

"Hartland certainly has an incredible history; it is kind of like old Vegas versus new Vegas," said Hart.

Hart says it is the building his family helped contribute to is now gone.

"I thought it was a historical site, everybody has been here through the years and Hartland."

Once Garry's mother and brother passed away, Garry sold the property to Gene Campbell with Epic Venues in 2018, Campbell then sold the property to the owner of the Adult Superstore Chain, Lanny Love. Love decided to demolish the mansion.

Neighbor Tracy Elwardt lives in the home directly across the street from the mansion.

She thinks of the property as an iconic Las Vegas landmark and is devastated to see it go.

As a keepsake, she purchased chandeliers from the home along with a sign she plans to put in front of her property

"It's gone and now we have Las Vegas Boulevard views from our home that we didn't have before and now we are looking at an adult store,” Elwardt said.

The demolition of significant buildings in the valley is no surprise for Amy Raymer with the Nevada Preservation Foundation. She says back in 2020 the WeeKirk Las Vegas Wedding Chapel was demolished without warning and now Raymer says it has happened again to the Hartland Mansion. She's after some type of protection for structures identified as possibly historic.

"We wanted to look at the city of Las Vegas to propose the option of having a demolition ordinance to give the community time to do research and see what they can do instead of tearing the building down," Raymer said.

As the demolition was proceeding, city code enforcement arrived. The officer confirmed that despite concerns raised by neighbors the current owner did obtain the permits required to demolish the mansion.

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