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Goldman family claims O.J. Simpson is living 'the high life'

Posted at 10:33 AM, Jan 23, 2018

O.J. Simpson has responded to claims by the Goldman family that he's living "the high life" in Las Vegas after his release from a Nevada prison in October.

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The Goldmans have long claimed that Simpson exploited the notoriety of being acquitted of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman in 1995. In November, they took O.J. Simpson back to court to make sure he wouldn't skip out on paying a 1997 civil court judgment that now stands at $71 million.

In the court filing, Simpson's attorneys say he can't make a living because he's dragged to court every single time there's even a rumor he is making money, making it difficult for him to readjust to life outside prison.

The next hearing in this case is in July but the Goldmans want it moved up, saying in the meantime Simpson could be making money from appearances and interviews.