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Golden Knights ticket prices spiking as wins pile up

Ticket prices to T-Mobile Arena home games spiking
Posted at 5:45 PM, Jan 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-25 11:24:48-05

The Vegas Golden Knights have the best record in hockey, but with their success has come spiking ticket prices.

On StubHub, get-in prices for Tuesday and Thursday's games are near triple digits and higher.

To get four tickets together, the cheapest seat is $120 each.

Once parking and food and drinks are added, a family night at the game could cost well over $500.

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"It's a little pricey for people who want to go like us that have bigger families," said Jennifer McMillan, a fan.

McMillan and other families have found an alternative to see their favorite players that doesn't involve breaking their budget: attending free practices at City National Arena in Summerlin.

"We choose to come to a lot of practices because we don't have the ability to go to a bunch of games so for [my kids], it's an easy way to see the players," said Sophia Rivas, a mother with six children.

At practice, fans can get right up against the glass and talk to players and coaches.

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During games, fan clubs like 'Click 17' host watch parties at restaurants and bars in the valley.

The restaurant at City National hosts as well.