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When it's hard to make ends meet, you can turn to Nevada 211 for help

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Posted at 10:34 AM, Jun 28, 2022

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Being a part of America's middle class used to be a good place to be. You probably had a car, maybe a house, life was good. But recent inflation has changed all that.

This week, we look at the issue and where to get help, in a series we call the Missing Middle. 13 Action News anchor Dave Courvoisier shows us one helpful place you can go.


"We break down because it's just, why is it so hard?" says Tayliana Mack.

The 27-year-old admits she and her husband are struggling. The couple are both employed, but still have trouble making ends meet.

"All my money goes to bills. All his money goes to bills," says Tayliana.

Tayliana says even with help from family, everything is just too expensive. From the $1,500 she pays for a two-bedroom apartment, to filling up her tank.

"Gas prices are so high that I can't really afford to fill up my tank sometimes... It's really difficult for us to be living this way and it breaks our heart to really be like, we can't provide the way that we want to for our son," says Tayliana.

It sounds like an issue for those below the poverty line. But today, it's a growing issue for middle class Americans, including some here in the valley. Many earn too much to qualify for assistance.


But there is help, and it's only a phone call away.

"During the week we get between four and 500 calls a day," says David Poyner with Nevada 211.

Nevada 211 has trained experts standing by to connect you with the necessary relief programs.

"I would think you would need people with good empathy, who have good listening skills and good relational skills," says Dave. "Absolutely. And that last one, the ability to listen, you're not just communicating with somebody. You actually have to understand and comprehend what they're asking for," says Poyner.

The Database Specialist for Nevada 211 says operators provide custom service based on the needs of each caller. They not only point you in the right direction, but provide details to make sure you qualify for assistance.

"We've already gathered the information, we'll send it to you. You can follow up and you don't have to struggle unnecessarily," says Poyner.

Nevada 211 provides resources for just about everything: housing, utility assistance, childcare, health care, addiction and more. Plus help for veterans, seniors and youth.

"We have a youth app and on that youth app are teenager specific resources that can help you. Please feel comfortable reaching out to us and asking for that help," says Poyner.


Poyner says the hard part is they can't help, if you're not willing to reach out.

"Letting people know that 211 is available to them, that this is something they can go to, that they might be able to find the help that they need right here," says Poyner.

Tayliana says she's reaching out for help and is encouraging others to do the same.

"You got to keep trying. Because if you give up, then that's the end for you. You're just going to stay in that mode of, I can't get help because no one wants to help me. But you also have to put the footwork in too to get that help," says Tayliana.

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