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RTC of Southern Nevada taking over certain bus routes for high school students

Posted at 5:32 AM, Oct 11, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A school bus driver shortage in the Clark County School District has led to a partnership between the Regional Transportation Commission, Southern Nevada's public bus transport system, and RTC will take over school bus routes for 15 high schools in the valley Monday.

CCSD officials said the partnership was necessary to avoid delays for students getting to class as roughly 240 bus driver positions remained open well into the school year.

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RTC officials tried to calm parents' fears of safety issues by assuring them all buses are equipped with 12 security cameras monitored by security teams.

"All RTC buses are deemed Safe Place," RTC Deputy CEO Francis Julien said. "Drivers have training in Safe Place. Safe Place is a training for youth in trouble."

Michael Plummer, a Spring Valley High School student, said he's been relying on RTC transportation for extracurricular and school for three years as he's found it more reliable than the school bus routes.

It’s usually pretty calm. Most people keep to themselves and it’s pretty quiet," he said. "When you take the same route every morning, you tend to start seeing the same people."

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CCSD said students who live near RTC stops would be able to ride the bus to a stop near their school for free by downloading the RTC App and getting a monthly pass.

The district said all current bus drivers would keep their jobs, but the RTC partnership would free them up to cover more routes across the valley helping to avoid late pick-ups.

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