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Las Americas, Mega Tom's Burgers, Mr. Sandwich, Sin City Wings top Dirty Dining list

Posted at 10:45 PM, Aug 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 14:10:10-04

Four restaurants made the Dirty Dining list this week and three of them are repeat offenders, with a tie for the dirtiest dining.

Too many demerits shut down repeat offender Las Americas for the third time in just five months.  

The Peruvian restaurant on Eastern and Sahara was forced to close after inspectors wrote up 46 demerits, including two imminent health hazards -- sewage and gross unsanitary conditions.  

Photos document wastewater dripping from the ceiling and splashing onto floors and prep tables. The reports says workers were walking through the dripping water while handling food.

When we arrived at Las Americas, we found the lights off and the doors locked, but a hand-made sign saying they're temporarily closed and will re-open soon.  

The Health District says that sign should not be there because the owner told them he is permanently closing his restaurant due to ongoing issues.

Inspectors found twenty pounds of spoiled rotten lettuce. There was also clean pepper stored on a dirty shelf; a five-gallon dish detergent bucket being used to store octopus; numerous flies in the kitchen; and excessive food debris on floors.

The second 46-demerit closure came at Mega Tom's Burgers on Lake Mead and Simmons where inspectors saw a food handler using bare hands on ready-to-eat food.  

They also wrote up expire fried rice, two-week-old refried beans, and no person in charge.

According to the health report, "The food handlers in the facility did not want to assume responsibility of person in charge and called the owner to the store," which is exactly what happened when we were there.

When there were able to get the owner on the phone, we ask about the expired food.

He says the labels were old, not the rice and beans, but they threw it out anyway.  

As for the rest of their issues, he blamed a cook who has since been fired.

The two imminent health hazard closures are both Dirty Dining repeat offenders.  

Mr. Sandwich on Maryland Parkway and Harmon failed re-inspection from a previous downgrade.  

Inspectors found bitter melon so moldy, some of it was liquefying, and excessive grease and food debris build-up on things that were stored as clean.

And Sin City Wings food truck was taken off the road due to lack of adequate refrigeration.

Mr. Sandwich, Mega Tom's Burgers and Sin City Wings are all back to A grades.