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Dennis Hof wins election one month after his death

Posted at 6:52 AM, Nov 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-07 18:57:06-05

One month after his death, Republican brothel owner Dennis Hof has been voted into Nevada's state assembly. However, since he was voted in posthumously, the seat is still empty.  

Republican state leaders asked voters to still cast their ballots for Hof, even after his death, because that would guarantee a Republican seat in the state assembly.  

Last month, Hof was found dead at one of his brothels after celebrating his birthday.  

Signs were posted at polling places, reminding voters that he had died.  

Hof was a well-known pimp and owned several brothels across the state.  

During his campaign, he called himself the "Trump of Pahrump" and had a very conservative platform.  

According to Nevada law, since Hof won the election, the county commissions which make up the district will be required to appoint another Republican to fill Hof’s two-year term.

District 36 is made up of Nye County, and parts of Lincoln County and Clark County.  

According to the Pahrump Valley Times, Nye County Republican Central Committee Chairman Joe Burdzinski has announced he will actively seek the appointment.  Burdzinski said in a statement he would focus on less government, lower taxes, and protecting the water sources in Nye County.  

Clark County released more details on Wednesday regarding the process.

The process for selecting someone to fill the Assembly seat will begin with calling for applications from interested residents. Under state law, qualified applicants must reside in Assembly District 36 and be a member of the same political party as Hof, who was a Republican. 

Applications are expected to be available through each of the three counties’ websites within the next week. The commissioners from the three counties will meet separately early next month to nominate their preferred candidate for the assembly seat. Then, the commissioners from all three counties will meet to select the next representative for State Assembly District 36.

Under state law, the value of the votes from each county commission will be weighted to match the population distribution of each county within the assembly district as of the last U.S. census. In Assembly District 36, almost 64 percent of the population resides in Nye County, about 34 percent lives in Clark County, and about 3 percent resides in Lincoln County. 

The person selected will serve the full two-year term in the Assembly.