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Stolen field gear returned to former Marine

Posted at 7:00 PM, Dec 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-16 22:00:24-05

UPDATE: A former Marine's field gear was stolen right out of his car and now the veteran has got his gear back.

We first showed you surveillance video last week of the moments leading up to the crime. 

Kelly Mercer's friend recognized the group of teens from the video and called Mercer to let him know. Mercer called the suspected thief's mom and told her what he was missing. The teen's mother said he could come on over to get the stuff and get an apology from her son.
Tuesday night, Mercer went to go get his stuff back and our cameras were there.
Mercer knocked on the door. The teen answered the door and started to say he was sorry until he saw our cameras. The 18-year-old then closed the door and only spoke through a crack in the door.
Mercer told the suspected thief he would not press charges if he would open up the door and talk. But still, he refused.
Instead, our camera crew stayed outside and Mercer went in the home to get back his stuff.
Mercer says he believes in second chances and instead of pressing charges, he will have the group of boys wash his car. He will also take one of them job hunting and to a military recruiter.


A former Marine is asking for the public's help, after his field gear was stolen right out of his car.  

"I was angry when I woke up in the morning and saw my whole car had been ransacked," says Kelly Mercer.  

Monday, Mercer found surveillance video from a neighbor, showing what he believes to be four teenagers stealing irreplaceable items from his car.  

Mercer is a former Marine and served our country in Iraq in 2003.  "Every Marine takes pride in being a marine," says Mercer.  

"We fought our way from Kuwait to Baghdad where we tore down the Saddam statue."  

Some of his gear from his time spent out there, like his Marine Corps backpack, used to go everywhere with him.  "It's important to me, it's a symbol and I wear it proud," says Mercer.  

He's hoping somebody might recognize the teenagers from the surveillance video, and help to get his items returned.  

Mercer says there was also some softball equipment stolen from the vehicle.  

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is still investigating any leads.  

If you know anything, you are asked to call CrimeStoppers at 702-385-5555.