Las Vegas valley families have fun, make time to bond at home

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Posted at 4:07 PM, Apr 20, 2020
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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The kids have been out of school for more than a month and maybe driving you a little crazy at times. It can be a full time job finding things to keep them busy. 13 Investigates Anchor Tricia Kean looks at a couple of Las Vegas valley families having fun and developing a closer bond.

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"It definitely was an adjustment," said Las Vegas valley mom Sonia Petkewich.

She's used to being a mom on the go. As a working mother of three, she says it took about a week to get everyone used to working from home.

"Just getting a system in place for each one of them," said Petkewich.


But once the school work is done and mom punches off the clock, it's family time.

They're visiting exciting new places, she says.

"The online virtual tours of museums and parks and zoos. Just finding this content that you can keep kids busy in an educational way has been very valuable," said Petkewich.

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They're also getting creative with chalk, stimulating their brains with multiple puzzles and getting competitive with board games; including one introduced by a neighbor. The family liked it so much they made their own game board.

"You go around and basically play three card games in one with these poker chips. It can go on for a lot of hours. This game has been going on for a week," said Petkewich.


But Petkewich says she's also enjoyed individual time with her kids through cooking.

"They each picked a day and so, my youngest made spaghetti and meatballs. My oldest made Shepherds Pie. My middle child made pulled pork," said Petkewich.

Best of all, Petkewich says her kids have really matured through the process.

"Now they have an appreciation. This takes a little longer to do, and they have to do the clean up part too," said Petkewich.


Jessica Summerhays is also enjoying the time with her five kids. COVID-19 cut into their regularly conflicting schedules, bringing them closer together.

"They’ve built forts. My daughter had a sleepover with the boys last night in their room. They’re just doing things that they would never normally do," said Summerhays.

Like dancing together!

"I mean even my oldest, whose sometimes too cool to hang out with her siblings, has involved them to do things like TikTok and making dances," said Summerhays

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And just like Petkewich, Summerhays' family has a new appreciation for meals together.

"To be able to sit down at dinner every night has been pretty awesome. You get to know your kids when you’re all at the dinner table. We laugh a lot. It’s been good. It’s been really good," said Summerhays.

She sums it up with a message maybe we all need to hear.

"I think I’ve learned that being busy is overrated. We need to slow it down a little bit," said Summerhays.