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Eviction moratorium extended, property managers and landlords concerned over loss of rent payments

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Posted at 9:17 PM, Aug 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-01 11:52:22-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — While providing relief for tenants, the extension of the residential eviction moratorium in Nevada has not been good news for some Las Vegas landlords and property managers.

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Gov. Sisolak says the extension is set to give counties more time to distribute millions of dollars in rental assistance to landlords on behalf of tenants.

Property manager Vandana Bhalla says about 10 to 12% of tenants under her landlords have not paid rent, and she was not expecting a state-wide extension.

“It’s a lot of uncertainty for us as property managers,” says Bhalla.

“I spent the weekend, as well as Friday and most of this morning, prepping notices for evictions to send them out tomorrow,” says Bhalla.

Bhalla’s concern is that the eviction process could take much longer later on even if the moratorium is lifted after 45 days.

“Landlords still have to pay trash, they still have to pay sewer, they have to pay taxes,” says Bhalla. “They have to pay for all these expenses.”

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In the future, Bhalla says current landlords with available properties may ask for higher rent payments and higher security deposits.

Also, the process for tenants to apply and be approved may become more stringent than it already is.

Her advice for current tenants is to take advantage of current assistance programs if needed.

“You’ve got the state that’s got money,” says Bhalla. “We’re talking about millions of dollars that are waiting to be used by tenants to pay rent.”