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Woman stabbed by ex told court he was 'scary and aggressive'

Family had history of domestic violence
Posted at 6:07 PM, Jul 27, 2017

Contact 13 discovered the family in Wednesday night's murder-suicide had a history of domestic violence.

Court records detail what may have led to the tragedy in which Tyler Knaub fatally stabbed his 4-year-old son, Nova, and seriously injured the boy's mother before fatally stabbing himself in a home on Norton Peak Avenue near Pebble Road and Durango Drive.

Prior to killing his son and sending his ex-girlfriend to the hospital, Family Court records show Tyler Knaub had received impulse control counseling and done community service at H.E.L.P. of Southern Nevada.

That was the result of a domestic violence arrest in 2015. 

Nova's mother had gotten a protection order in November of that year after an incident on Halloween. 

She told the court she and Tyler Knaub got in a fight and he pushed her out of the car after they struggled in a shopping center parking lot. 

When she tried to run, she says he came after her, grabbed her around the chest in a wrestling move and got her down to the ground, where she couldn't breathe and began to panic. 

When he let go, she called police. 

Knaub was arrested and charged with battery domestic violence.

In court records, she called Knaub "scary and aggressive" saying he'd "become increasingly agitated."

Last July, she was awarded sole legal and physical custody of Nova with no visitation for Knaub. 

But just last month, he filed a motion to change that, telling the court, "I want Nova to have my legal opinion in regards to his life. I honor parenting Nova." 

He also notes that he was on a "No contact order" with the mother since May, but says, "Nova and I need to maintain our great relationship so I can file for us to have more time together when I find stable employment. We enjoy our time together and I am a great parent to him."

That motion was scheduled to be heard two weeks ago in Family Court, but the hearing was canceled and the motion was never heard.