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Man falls victim to lottery scam with IRS angle

Posted at 11:45 PM, Apr 01, 2016
and last updated 2018-11-21 17:46:01-05
A local man is convinced he's a major winner, after the government comes looking for their cut. Turns out it's a new twist on an old scam.
"$6.6 million. Ridiculous," says Charlie Fraher couldn't believe how much money he had won. It was about 6 months ago, when he got a phone call with the good news. 
"He goes, well you've won a grand prize," says Charlie.
But it wasn't too long after that, when the IRS reached out to Charlie. He was expected to pay taxes for his winnings.
"He asked me for $700. I told him I said, I only make about $900 a month... I'm not going to be able to survive. They didn't freakin' care," says Charlie.
Afraid of losing his jackpot, Charlie wired the money. But it was only the first, of multiple payments the IRS was asking for.
"For about 6 months I probably wired them at least $3,000 to $3,500," says Charlie.
Unfortunately, it was all a scam. A friend helped convince Charlie, there was no real sweepstakes or lottery money coming his way. And it made Charlie sick, when he realized just how much money he had lost.
"Those guys are despicable. They're despicable. Shame on you," says Charlie.
Now Charlie is taking time to warn others. If you get a call from someone promising you a major jackpot, Charlie says you should know that it's just false.
So here's the Contact 13 bottom line. You can't win a lottery or sweepstakes you never entered. As for the IRS: they won't call you about tax debts you owe, without mailing several official notices first. And they definitely won't ask you to wire any funds.
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