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Secrets used by savvy shoppers

Posted at 9:06 AM, Nov 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-21 13:37:58-05

Some shoppers seem to always know how to score a deal. But finding rock-bottom prices may not be as hard as you think. Tonight, Contact 13 shares some secrets used by the most savvy shoppers.

"We're very busy during the week," says valley mom, Lori Pelina.

There's play dates for her 2-year old. Plus, soccer and karate for her son. She's a mom on the go.

"I feel like every meal is made out of a crock-pot," says Lori.

She doesn't have much time for clipping coupons. So to save money, she turns to social media.

"Facebook has been a really good outlet for that," says Lori.

But don't stop there. Be sure to follow your favorite shops on Instagram or Twitter.

"I mean most moms are on social media. So it's not too much work," says Sarah McDuffie, mother of 7 and contributor for Vegas Family Events.

She says a lot of stores and brands post promotional codes and special offers for Facebook followers. They also use Twitter to promote flash sales or temporary offers. And it may seem old fashioned, but don't forget to sign up for a store's email list.

"I'm on a lot of different, like Build-A-Bear for my kids, and different restaurants that we love, and they'll send you coupons," says Sarah. 

Be sure to also visit your favorite store's website to find special bargains. Another great way to save, is by setting up price drop alerts. 

Sarah says the website SlickDeals tracks prices for just about anything on sale at a number of popular sites including Amazon. Many websites also sell discounted gift cards. 

"It's really hot after Christmas, people will sell their gift cards that they've gotten for Christmas and they'll take a percentage off of it," says Sarah.

But she says you don't have to wait to shop. Just visit any number of websites: like GiftCardGranny, CardPool or eBay."

As for Lori, she has one other secret for saving money.

"My husband is definitely Johnny-on-the-spot with the restaurants, because he handles date nights," says Lori.

She says he keeps track of special deals being offered at their favorite spots. And when you take advantage of all these ways to save, you'll feel the difference in your wallet.

"I mean it adds up after awhile, and it just makes since," says Lori.

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