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New 'dislike' scam targets Facebook users

Posted at 7:56 AM, Oct 13, 2015
and last updated 2018-11-21 17:45:52-05
Facebook users are being targeted in a new scam, which downloads a virus and malware onto your computer.
A lot of users of the social network are excited the site is finally developing a dislike button.
"I like the idea, because I don't like everything on Facebook," says a Facebook user.
Amanda Woolridge says there's a real need for some sort of an empathy button.
"A lot of times you'll find something real sad happened, like my cat died or my Grandma died, and they can't say they liked that someone died, but they want to give their support," Woolridge says.
But a warning to everyone who uses Facebook. As much as you may ultimately dislike a Facebook page or posting, do not try downloading a dislike button.
According to Snopes.com, con artists are posting surveys on social media, saying if you take the survey, you'll get early access to the dislike button. Security experts tell Snopes that by clicking the download link, the criminals then install malware on your computer and steal your private information. It's enough to make some users decide it's too confusing right now.
"I don't think I'd like a Facebook dislike button, just a like button sounds good to me," says a Facebook user.
Facebook has not revealed many details about the dislike, or empathy button. But we do know this; it won't be a download. And Facebook won't ask you to take a survey to get it.
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