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Man suspected of running roofing scam in Las Vegas

Posted at 11:16 AM, Jun 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-21 17:46:04-05

48-year-old Joshua Spiro has been accused of a roofing scam that has affected several locals in the Las Vegas valley.

According to the Nevada State Contractors Board, Spiro is known in several U.S. states as a "traveler" operating under several aliases like "Rick" and "Frank" and using business names like "Spiro Roofing" and "Lee's Roofing." 

It is alleged that Spiro and his son, also named Joshua Spiro, requested large down payments for projects while providing little or no work in return.

The NSCB says that one Las Vegas resident paid Spiro a $2,300 down payment for a $5,300 roof repair project. Investigators also found that he was the subject of two other complaints.

According to the NSCB, investigators got a hold of the owner of a residence where Spiro was operating out of, but the owner said he and his family had moved out within the last week.

On June 26, the NSCB submitted evidence to the Clark County Distrit Attorney's Office seeking prosecution of Spiro for charges of obtaining money under false pretenses, contracting without a license, and unlawful advertising.

NSCB Executive Officer Margi A. Grein wrote the following in a statement to the press:

It is important for Nevada homeowners to be vigilant of anyone soliciting home repairs, especially roofing and paving work, as these are the trades used most by unlicensed travelers to scam homeowners... Anyone who is unable to provide you with a contractor’s license number should be an instant red flag.

Anyone who feels they may have been scammed by the Spiro family or has information on their whereabouts should call the NSCB Unlicensed Contractor Hotline at 702-486-1160.

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