Don't let toy-buying bots ruin Christmas

You have probably heard about bots that buy all the tickets for a popular concert before the general public has a chance and then resells them for a higher price.

But did you know there are bots that do the same thing for toys around holidays?

There is a new law that punishes ticket-buying bots but there is not one for toy-buying bots.

At least one senator introduced a bill last year that would have targeted toy-buying bots but it did not pass.

Consumer Reports has some advice though.

First, shop early. Demand for hot toys increases as the holidays approach and that attracts more bots.

Secvond, find the suggested retail price for the toy you want so that you know if it is being marked up.

The good news is that some companies are trying to fight the bots.

For example, Adidas has an app that lets you reserve shoes online but you have to pick them up in person.

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