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Contact 13 new series Squatter Spotters generates large response

Posted at 4:24 PM, Jul 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-11 22:09:42-04
Last week Contact 13 launched the new series Squatter Spotters to help solve the problem of people illegally living in homes all over our city. 
In just a few days following the first story, we received a number of emails and tips. 
When unwanted people get into an empty house, crime often follows. That's why we're working to help spot the squatters. 
And we need you to let us know what's happening in your neighborhoods. After our first story aired, many of you have stepped up.  
Here's a look at the squatter reports coming in. 
Emily spotted a house on Fire Island Drive. She wrote: "There's a house across the street from us that's been empty for a few years. ... it looked like there were 40 people living in there in little camps throughout the house." She also says a lot of cars were broken into on her street. 
Susan writes, "Thank you for shedding light on a valid issue... I have a friend who went through this and it was shocking to me."
And a neighbor close to UNLV says an empty condo on Santa Anita Drive is overrun with squatters, writing:  "As of the moment there are somewhere around 10-15 of them inhabiting the unit... What makes the situation worse is they are using it as a home base for crime. I constantly spot them lurking through people's carports checking for unlocked cars or packages on doorsteps."
That's just a small example of the numerous tips coming into Squatter Spotters.
We know many of you are frustrated and think nothing can be done, but we'll work together and take out one squatter at a time.  
If you want to report a problem, send us an e-mail at squatterspotters@ktnv.com